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WordPress Web Development

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Having an informative website today is the image that you give to your business, franchise or company through the internet. CousinoApps gives you effective and creative solutions to distinguish yourself from the competition in all types of businesses, franchises or companies in the field both nationally and internationally and thus reach where you want without limits.

In addition, we offer you marketing solutions alongside the site so that it does not end up being just another name on the internet.

E-Commerce (WordPress / PrestaShop)

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If you are a Freelancer salesperson, your sales will depend on how effective your connection to the public is. CousinoApps offers you online alternatives so that you can drastically increase your sales through the internet, which on a daily basis becomes the best directed and indirect sales tool for the different types of sellers that exist.

Be part of this new trend and increase your sales with CousinoApps.

Vector Logos & Illustrations

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Having an image is not enough for a demanding public, so it is necessary to have the best of the best and in CousinoApps we have the best in Logos design for a Brand or Company and even Illustrations for a Product or Service. Do not be left behind and stand out from the rest with a Professional and Clean Design, also, create your own work of art for the label of your bottlings as well as Craft Beers, Olive Oils, Export Wines or your own brand of Distilled Whiskey.

Digital Business Cards

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It has been proven that most of the printed cards are discarded by the user and that is why we are now opting for a more ecological and efficient model that in addition to giving the customer a better presence, you can use it to capture the information of the potential buyer.

One of the main advantages is that of not having to spend money on a number of prints that usually end up in the trash or as a footprint, in addition, you help the environment by avoiding waste and give a more effective and detailed presentation to the client. .

Online Services (Hosting Web, VPS, Load Balancing)

In CousinoApps you will not have to worry about having several services in several different companies. Thanks to our advances in technology and management, we have been able to offer many service alternatives within our same platform.

We now have Web Hosting with which you can host websites with loads of up to 150,000 unique visits simultaneously, in addition, we have VPS, Load Balancing, Clustering, CDN, Linux or Windows Server Administration, Backup Systems Management and even , physical installation of Bare Metal or Server Racks.

Content Marketing (Facebook & Instagram)


Nowadays, using social networks has become very frequent and essential in users, more and more users tend to use networks to make publications, share with relatives or even search for companies in certain areas. In addition, achieve positioning when looking for your company online and thus reach further between your end customers and the competition.

With our Content Marketing service, your company will take advantage of the millions of people who use the network daily to make themselves published among them.

Native Android & iOS App


Nowadays talking about app development is the most common for us, we have even coined the term apps to refer mainly to applications for mobile devices. Practically anywhere we can find someone who has in mind to carry out the development of an app.

Our experience ranges from the first SDK for iOS app development to the latest version of the Google environment for Android.

Technical Support and Infrastructure


Having your equipment in optimal condition, operation and performance is important to maintain its useful life and usefulness as long as possible. CousinoApps offers you solutions in record time and of quality, you will not have to make an appointment again for a poorly done job since we have 8 years of experience in the market.

We provide Remote and Physical Support according to your needs. We perform preventive maintenance to verify that your equipment works well and avoid future failures, as well as we offer corrective maintenance to solve problems that have occurred due to lack of corrective maintenance to your equipment.

On the other hand, in the corporate area we have multiple solutions for your company, from Gateways installation to Complete Server Racks installations or Network Cabling Optimization.

WordPress application for Android & iOS


Develop your WordPress mobile applications for Android and iOS with exactly the same functions of your website as either Online Store or Informative Character and multiply your Digital Marketing by 3 by being in all operating systems both on your websites and in your applications.

Professional photography

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CousinoApps offers you Professional Photography services for Corporate Events, Weddings, Communions, Gastronomy, Real Estate, Celebrations, Fashion Catwalk and more.

Keep all those unrepeatable memories in high definition files ready for viewing on screen and even in print.